Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing Our Two New Agents: Gina Odom & Krista Miller

By Eliza Sarasohn

Berkeley Hills Realty is delighted to welcome two stellar agents to the fold: Gina Odom and Krista Miller. “Both Gina and Krista practice kindness first and real estate second — an important asset in today’s complex and emotional market,” says Berkeley Hills co-owner Tracy Sichterman. “Krista brings a professionalism infused with both kindness and determination, not to mention an energizing aptitude for new technologies and social media.” Adds Bill McDowell, Berkeley Hills co-owner, “Gina has great intuition, grounded in an extensive knowledge about everything real estate.  She knows how houses are built and she understands the nuances of our market.”

Gina Odom
Entrepreneurial Spirit, Insider Know-How 

Gina Odom has an inborn knack for real estate; she’s been assessing properties practically all her life. “My family owns a construction business; I’ve been looking at blueprints since I was a little girl,” says Odom. After learning the ins and outs of the family business, Odom realized that “I didn’t want to wear a tool belt — I wanted to work with people.”

That, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit led Odom to real estate, an industry in which her deep knowledge of home construction has served her well over the past eight years. “I know how to manage a contracting project from start to finish, how to estimate drywall, how to spot a cracked foundation,” Odom says. “I can tell my clients how much it’s going to cost to knock out a wall, or when they should advocate for a second opinion on a project.”

Along with sound construction, Odom also appreciates the fine art of the deal. “True negotiation — finding common ground for both the buyer and seller — is an art,” says Odom. “I’m a natural problem solver. I love sitting down with the other agent and finding out how to make it happen.”

When she’s not helping her clients buy and sell properties, Gina enjoys soaking up the best the Bay Area has to offer: surfing, cycling in the East Bay hills, and camping with her husband and infant daughter. She invites prospective clients to get to know her on her blog and website

Krista Miller
Tech and People Savvy 

With her MFA in painting, Krista Miller began her career as a fine artist, designer and art teacher, showing at galleries around the Bay Area. But in 2004, Miller shifted her artist’s eye to real estate. “Being an artist and designer, I have a real attention to detail — I’m focused on color, space and organization,” says Miller. “This sensibility naturally lends itself to helping my clients envision themselves in their homes, or if they’re selling, I can help them stage and creatively market the home to appeal to the right buyer.”

Her teaching background affords Miller a keen sense of people along with an enduring patience and clear communication style that’s won her a devoted clientele. “I’m a hand holder — I love working with first time home buyers,” Miller explains. “I’m happy to explain the process from top to bottom and I can sympathize, because I recently picked up our family, sold our old home and bought a new one.”

Miller now lives in Albany with her husband and her “two adorable curly haired girls.” “I like working in residential and I think I end up attracting a lot of families as clients, because that’s the stage I’m in. Having my own young kids, I understand the importance of safety and stability in a neighborhood, and I know about local school districts and kid-friendly play spaces.”

Miller brings tech savvy and innovative marketing skills to Berkeley Hills Realty. She runs her own real estate blog,, and loves cooking up outside-the-box approaches to spread the word on her properties, often incorporating social media and video. “My relationships don’t end when the transaction is over,” says Miller. “The people that I end up working with often become my friends.”

When Krista isn’t at work she can often be found running along the Bay trails, eating Scharffenberger chocolate, or laughing with her family until her stomach can no longer bear it.
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