Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TECHmunch SF: Food is a Common Thread

Sweet Basil Thai, located two doors from Berkeley Hills Realty
Coming back from this month's TECHmunch, Janesta Downey (blogger for BixChicks and a Realtor at Berkeley Hills Realty) said, "I love wine and I like to write about it. But admittedly, wine isn't for everyone. Everyone eats - and in the Bay Area, lots of us love our food!"  Janesta's love of wine has always included food pairings. She has a passion for the East Bay's culinary riches and, having been inspired at TECHmunch, she is enthusiastic about including more food articles in her blog. As a Realtor, Janesta sees herself as an ambassador for the chomping grounds where she works. The East Bay's diverse cuisine weaves through our neighborhoods bringing our communities together. Enjoying our restaurants and specialty shops is a fun way to increase her local area knowledge, which she in turn shares with her clients and followers.

TECHmunch is a food bloggers conference, bringing writers and culinary influencers together.  Last week's TECHmunh in San Francisco was an exhilarating day of fresh new ideas. The conference was held in a building in San Francisco that is the oldest woman owned community center in SF.  The women's Center is located in the mission district and is covered in murals painted by many women.  Approaching the multi-colored building makes you happy! Friday's conference was the first one held in San Francisco.  It will be held in New York and Los Angeles later this year. 

Here are five need to knows from Janesta about the event:
  1. The Woman's Center: This is a historical point of interest chosen specifically by Techmunch as a way to honor the oldest women-owned community center in San Francisco. TECHmunch chose this venue in order to give back to the community.
  2. TECHmunch: TECHmunch is the traveling food media/ blogger conference that combines networking, panels, tastings and demos to inspire even the most seasoned culinary influencer. Launched in 2010, the conference has traveled to more than 25 cities across North America. TECHmunch SF features the most accomplished culinary and digital media experts in the Bay Area. 
  3. Hot Take Aways:  
    • Lean in to your topic, write your blog like you are talking over the table with a best friend over a glass of wine.  
    • Find your authentic voice. Sentences should show grammatical fluency, but also sound like you said them. 
    • Most blogs are read on phone so write 1-2 sentence paragraphs to make it easy to read.
  4. Use of Imagery for Food Bloggers: 
    1. Printerest is a networking group can use Vertical images, stacked images, re-pins and Video pins.
    2. Tools that can boost pin or boards are Tail One and Board Boaster.
    3. Photographs are a part of successful  blogs:
      • Think about the color and texture ( use a basic color wheel)
      • Natural light is best - less grainy and truer colors
      • Overhead angles or 45 degree angles are good when snapping your food pic.
      • When photographing food make 40% of plate unfilled.  Height makes food makes food more attractive.  Stack six or more pancakes or mound pasta up in the middle4
  5. Culinary Discoveries: 
    1. The Myriad - Much More Than Mom's Market, 2177 Market St. The Myriad is a beautiful high tech space with 9 food stands and a full bar, Mrs Jones Bar.  Janesta liked the Moscow Mule!
    2. Le Bread Express -  see the picture on Janesta's Instagram
    3. Poke Delish serves fresh delicious poke.  Friday they had two types of Tuna and - Octopus poke.  I could eat this every day. 
    4. Raw -  A juice company
    5. NoNaMe Sushi was visually colorful and oh so good!
    6.  SF Brewing Company
    7. Antonik's BBQ offered delicious chicken and pork barbecued perfectly in a state of the art convection oven with a new smokeless fan apparatus.  It was fun to meet the proprieters Jay and Claudine Dava who were enthusiastic to describe there new method of preparing barbecue without the smoke.  Last week they received the first ever approval from the City of San Francisco for this new method to prepare BBQ. 
    8. The Cro Cafe
    9. Homestead Cookies
    10. Crepes S'll Vous Plait.  Yummy crepes made from flour flown in from France (gluten-free) and prepared and served by French Brothers who are passionate about the Crepe. 
What an experience. Janesta also noticed how this event brought the community together.  She saw families feeding the kids their favorites while meeting up with neighbors and friends.  Look for more food blogging in the future, both  from BrixChicks and Berkeley Hills Realty!

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