Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday Nights at Oakland Museum of California


Oakland Museum of California has created a perfect, family-friendly Friday night event.

You can choose which part of the event to participate in based on your own mood and whims:

Feeling creative? Join the Customizer-in-Residence Open Studio series.

Hungry? Visit the Off the Grid gourmet food trucks. We tried empanadas from the El Porteño food truck. Impossibly, these empanadas taste even better than they smell.

Need a drink? Visit the cash bar for a selection of wine, beer, and a few mixed drinks.

Wanna dance? Each Friday features a different musician and/or dance lesson. Friday, March 8, featured salsa lessons from Serena Wong of Salsa Vale Todo, DJ JuanLove, and live music from Edgardo Cambón with his 5tet LatTiDo. We missed the dance lessons (see empanadas) so we brought our own shameless brand of enthusiastic non-salsa to the dance floor.

Wanna laugh? Sit on the steps and watch people non-salsa.

Wanna see some art? The museum exhibits are half-off during the event.

This fun, family-friendly event happens every Friday.
Visit Friday Nights @ OMCA website for more information and go check it out!

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