Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Berkeley Hills Realtors are Team Players

After the Berkeley Hills Realty weekly meeting, the office rings with a volley of shouts:  

“I’m coming!”
“I need two more minutes!”
 “I’ll drive!”  

What on earth is going on? After party? Happy hour?

Nope. When a single agent asks for extra hands and eyes to resolve an issue concerning property newly in her care—a team forms and deploys itself in five minutes flat. 35 minutes later, the issue is resolved. The solution team swarms back in to return phone calls, disappear leftover birthday cake, deliver hot tea to visiting clients, and buzz in their vote for the office background music.

One agent is extremely apologetic about not being able to help due to a prior commitment: “When I need help, every available agent makes an effort to help me. So, I try to help every time another agent asks.”

As a buyer or seller working with an agent at Berkeley Hills Realty, you win the unique qualities and expertise of the agent you have chosen. Plus, you get the combined knowledge of a whole team of seasoned professionals. Every one of them is prepped and ready to defeat any obstacle that comes between you and your dreams.

Oh! So that’s what Berkeley Hills Realty means by “small town ethics, big world view.” Glad somebody’s on that…

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