Thursday, March 29, 2012

Berkeley Urban Legends

Today, I am trying to write a Berkeley urban legend and get the attention of  I think I have it: 
The year was 2012, the month was April.  The perfect Berkeley Bungalow glistened despite the heavy rain. She was beautiful inside and out.  Her hearth was warm and, despite her good looks and obviously lavish upbringing, she promised to be low maintenance.   
A buyer came and fell in love.  He was told to move along because the match was unlikely.  She (the bungalow) was too pretty and his pockets were bare-- with merely $100K to put down.  There will be competition he was told.  Others will woo her.  Others will have cash. 
The storm let up.  The others went out to play.  He stayed with his beloved house and submitted his offer.  Remarkably, it was the only offer.  Now she belongs to him.
A little too unbelievable I know, maybe I will rework it and add back a little competition….
Tip to Buyers:  It is a great time to buy, but talk to a local Realtor who can help prepare you for the inevitable competition.  With low inventory, Multiple offers are the “new” new-normal.

For fun, click here to read some actual Berkeley urban legends.

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