Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Toilet Isn't Green Enough

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As a member of the Berkeley Association's Green Council, I am starting to lose sleep over my eco-inadequacies. I love the original tile in my kid's bathroom, but the pottie is not so hottie. Wasting over 3.5 gallons per flush is not just an embarrassment, it's going to start costing me money.

Two dry winters have resulted in the biggest water supply threat in nearly 20 years (according to EBMUD). To safeguard its shrinking supply EBMUD has declared a severe water shortage emergency. Mandatory water rationing is now in effect. Single family residences are expected to reduce water use by 19%, or face possible fines, water flow restrictions, or loss of water service.

To get me to give up my throne of green for a greener throne, EBMUD offers this pot of gold: EBMUD will rebate $150 or up to the toilet cost, whichever is less, for the purchase of qualifying high-efficiency toilets. They offer this rebate for up to three toilets per household.

EBMUD and PG&E also offer rebates for clothes washers. EBMUD will also come conduct a free on-site survey of indoor and outdoor water use. Residential customers who use at least 500 gallons of water per day during the summer can also receive a rebate of up to $1,000 for a portion of the cost of irrigation system parts and landscape materials, including permeable hardscape. The also offer some instant freebies such as water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators.

Call EBMUD 1-866-403-2683 or click here:


Dana said...

Hi-I am in the process of choosing a toilet for my 1920's house. I'd like to pick something historic in appearance. Did you choose a new toilet? What brand/model? Thanks!

Berkhills Blogger said...

Hi Dana, I ended up going with a Toto. Toto does have some nice period looking options, but not in the eco-friendly dual flush option. Don't pick a toilet until you measure the distance from the wall to the sewer hole. Even with an adapter mine sits a little too far from the wall.