Friday, March 14, 2008

Buyers in Flocks and Local Peacocks

The Bay Area never ceases to amaze. This picture was taken (with a cell phone) during last week's Brokers' Tour on the 1700 block of Arlington Avenue (its a busy street) in El Cerrito. Apparently this gorgeous fellow lives in the nearby trees. Look closely and you can see a car through the feathers in the upper right corner.

And now for the real estate market jaw-dropper:
5333 James Avenue in Rockridge*
2bedroom/1bath, listed for $799,000
3/13/08 - received 17 offers

How is this possible?

1. Great Urban Location
2. Fabulous Condition
3. Original Charm

Tip for Home Buyers: If you are considering buying a home in the near future, continue to follow the market today. If there is a property you find compelling, have your agent track it until it closes escrow and tuck that information under your hat. The more informed you are about home values the better you will be prepared when you enter the market. A sense of value is important and it is something that is best gained through experience. We can give you lots of market statistics to justify prices, but until you have your own experience of the market, this information is just anecdotal. For instance, 5333 James Avenue will likely sell over $900K. Those chasing statistics may feel this is nearly impossible for a two bedroom home. Those more directly familiar with local inventory would understand the features and dynamics that made this home exceptional. Our website features links and feeds to current real estate market news and this blog is rich with anecdotes. Stay tuned.

* The property referenced was not a listing represented by Berkeley Hills Realty

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