Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

The mayors of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and Emeryville have joined forces to form the East Bay Green Corridor Partnership, a cooperative effort to lead in environmental innovation, emerging green business and industry, green jobs and renewable energy.
Anxious to jump on the band wagon, we are busy greening our piece of Solano Avenue in Berkeley. We clambered on board the city's food waste and organics recycling by placing a green compost can in the kitchen. We weatherstripped and added florescent lights where appropriate. This summer, we even opted to install additional ventilation and fans in order to forgo air conditioning all together. We recycle our paper products and we're moving toward paperless transactions. I do my part by riding a scooter (100+ miles/gallon) around town when solo, and by carpooling whenever possible.

In the midst of these efforts, we contacted the city to find out about a green business designation. Apparently we are not alone in our efforts, as the city auditors (vital to the process) are booked out more than a year in advance. The official designation for our office is on hold, but we are tickled by the knowledge that this social movement is bursting the administrative seams (or at least challenging their calendars.)

Stay tuned.

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