Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween Teeth Recall

Berkeley Hills Realty received a notice from a participant in our Halloween Party alerting us to the Ugly Teeth recall. Some novelty teeth were part of the party favors distributed at the event. As a mother of a three year old, I share concern for this recall. The teeth in the Jamba Juice cups were not the Party Favor brand on the TV spot. The teeth were purchased at the local Target store from the Target line of party favors. I went online to the Target site, and no party teeth are listed for recalled there. I also talked to a live individual at Target customer service. Targets representative, although frustrating to speak with, stated clearly that Target did not carry the recalled product. They gave me a number to call about the recall 800 335-7585, if you have any additional questions. None-the-less, better safe than sorry. Please throw out the teeth you received (I know I will) with our deepest apologies.

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